San Carlos Liberty and Preservation Front: be afraid!

Look what I found on Craigslist! The article is asking for contributors to write for this website:
"With the transformational socialist San Carlos Transit Village Housing Projects set to break ground in San Carlos and begin the process of annhiliating [sic] what is left of San Mateo County Peninsula suburbs, and with virtually zeros [sic] resistance to such projects; with an at best complacent and at worse nonexistent and archaic print and television media; the time is ripe for some radically fresh ideas... Like those pertaining to liberty, private property, and inalienable individual rights. 
 See for a sampling of the type of writing we are seeking to expose this frightening pack 'n stack communist compound/housing movement."

Somebody please write articles and cartoons making fun of these fools because I simply just don’t have the time!
As of 22 June 2014, the website last saw an article on the first of November 2013, so clearly they need (or more likely he needs) more writers. The link to “attack zones,” amongst others, had not been activated yet. These guys are gonna take the power back from nonexistent bay area socialists, minorities, young people, and people slightly richer and more privileged than themselves.
Let’s examine their “libertarian” (read: stupid) rhetoric in the Craigslist ad as well as in the article on their site to which the article refers:

The proclamation “…the transformational socialist San Carlos Transit Village Housing Projects set to break ground in San Carlos [will] begin the process of annihilating what is left of San Mateo County Peninsula suburbs…” is connected to problems of “liberty [and] private property.”
OK ready? Watch:
1. They’re mad that a developer bought the Malibu Gran Prix, a presumably suburban entertainment complex, and shut it down. Even though a developer bought where the authors live now, threw out its Ohlone and other inhabitants, and put houses on top of it. So if a developer with tons of money buys a property, it’s somehow more nefarious or unfair than the authors’ ability to buy suburban housing and disenfranchise all the working people who can’t afford a suburban house.
2. They’re mad that suburbs are threatened (WOW, I’m stumped). If we follow their logic, suburbs are the living emblem of individual property rights and liberty in these people’s lives. Alright dudes.
3. They think, therefore, that an “agenda 21 style land grab” is necessary to build dense housing near transportation hubs (which would be terrible! Why would you do that???).
4. And of most dire insult: the authors ended the blog entry with “Criminals and vandals ransack property almost immediately upon closure.” So San Mateo (a famous local heartland of racist/classist systemic planning with a reputation going back at least to the 1950s) apparently is a suburban fortress for the white and wealthy but somehow has ransackers and vandals living somewhere who easily can jump out and ruin closed properties. Do they do it after they end their shifts at Starbucks and McDonalds or what? Libertarians, have you ever asked yourself where this may come from?

So where were you guys when the only affordable neighborhood of downtown San Jose was knocked down and buried under 280? Or when San Francisco’s living history was erased to make room for employees of Yahoo and Twitter?
Further, the site claims that San Carlos, a town of 28,000 wealthy classists and barely 100 years old, has a “traditional identity.” Let’s open a restaurant for this! We can serve El Camino Trash Burgers and discuss the illustrious history of highway 101 and its may dramatic expansions.

SF ZINE FEST is coming in August!

Once again Negro will be at the San Francisco Zine Fest in Golden Gate park the last weekend of August!
It’s right on 9th and Lincoln, a block from the 9th stop on the N-Judah line and there’s a really good inexpensive non-yuppie normal people breakfast joint between them. Don’t drive, jolines!
Negro will be selling and signing comics, doodling on demand, dispensing advice and generally making trouble. Admission is free so bring lots of money to buy a large assortment of fairly-priced zines and comics. V Vale probably will be there too, wow! And he’s really easy to talk to!
You can be a Zine Fest participant too for only fifty bucks! Visit the link below for more information:

Three-Strikes Laws to Address the UC’s Sexual Assault Crisis

A very timid discussion about scope and enforcement of sexual assault policy is underway across the state. Since
political California is obsessed with Three-Strikes laws, which turn justice in to a leisurely pastime whose plays can be decided by an umpire's guess, we herewith propose...


Students’ picks
1. Victims of sexual assault can assign a strike towards termination to a random faculty or administration member.
2. Any student blowing the whistle on a provable sexual assault case on behalf of the victim gets a strike, and three strikes earns that student free tuition for a year.
3. Each convicted sexual assaulter gets a free diploma upon expulsion that looks like a BA diploma only in the major field it says “RAPE.”
4. Administrators have to sign a written consent that they will enforce sexual assault policy and prosecute sexual assault claims. If an administrator catches three rapists, s/he gets a university T-shirt autographed by all the UC regents.
5. For each set of three sexual assault cases successfully resolved UC-wide, a randomly-selected UC regent, head coach, chancellor, provost, investment officer, or other upstairs fatcat must give back $100,000 of his or her ridiculous $200,000+ salary. Funds will be given to students as scholarships.
6. For each set of three sexual assault cases successfully resolved UC-wide, Raytheon and Lockheed each have to give $20 billion in scholarships to their pet project, the UC.
7. For each set of three complaints of sexual assault, the entire UC system has to announce formally to students that competition, success and getting what you want are not actually integral to survival on the planet Earth.

Administration’s picks
1. Rape victims have to prove they were raped three different times before any administrator has to do anything about it.
2. Any student who complains about sexual assault –even if it’s the same case –three times can be dismissed from the school.
3. Any student of color who complains about sexual assault while having unpaid bills on the books will have the unpaid bills counted as a second strike.
4. Any administrator who successfully convinces three rape victims’ families that it was the victims’ fault gets a free pair of Shakespeare Santa Cruz tickets.
5. Students have to practice abstinence. Each sexual thought counts as a strike. Hopefully they’ll just govern themselves.

New zine is done, mis plebes!


IMPERIO ESCLAVISTA / SLAVER EMPIRE, Negro’s new bilingual collection of pomes is ready for distribution! In several traditional ballad forms, the pomes explain how the human-trafficking, tax-spending prison industry is forming our whole society and its debates so its hick owners can get richer. But you’ve read that before– the verses also point out how dumbass consumers are guilty of supporting the system.
Email today to arrange buying your own! Give it to a young person who thinks his behavior won’t end him up in jail! Smuggle it into a prison -PLEASE!
$2 donations for the book plus shipping would be fair; locals should show up at the 2014 San Francisco Zine Fest.
Thanks to all the bloggers who’ve already reposted some of the pomes!