Owl Breeding Against Rat Poison

0099 2015-01-27 Owl Breeding Career panel 1

Barn Owls can be used to keep your property rodent-free, private property-owners and marijuana-growers! Stop using rat poison! Read the full article below.



Liccardo Inaugurated Mayor of Rich, Homeless, Slaves

liccardoinaugurationA post for all “pro-business,” “pro-innovation” politicians who build skyscrapers and raise the liberal president’s stock market on the backs of thousands of local homeless citizens and victims of human trafficking and slavery. Get out the wheat paste, people! Stick this meme to REAL walls! Never again can a mayor of San Jose enjoy the luxury of a tenure without retaliation from the people he vowed to oppress when taking the oath of office. And that goes for his homeboy Cortese, too.