Sea Señorita Has Cool Shirts!

Ran into Sofia of Sea Señorita Studios, after almost a year since I met her, at the SOFA fest in San Jose on Sunday. She had awesome shirts. Go to her Etsy and buy her stuff!! Buy local por vida!


Guy Slams Victorian Hipsters

The author of this article is really funny. Here’s a quote:
“Neither of these two nitwits actually engages with the culture of the time. (Chrisman posted an article on fucking Vox, for Chrissakes; she’s not staying in and studying her phrenology textbook.) Almost all of Chrisman’s engagement with the past is through her experience with the “authentic” material goods and trappings of the period: She and her partner ride stupid old big-wheel bikes, wear stupid wool clothes (EVEN TO THE FUCKING GYM, GOD, FUCK YOU GABRIEL), read by the flame of a stupid oil lamp which I’m sure isn’t at all a fire hazard, and hand-hew table legs to think about modern disposable culture, or something.”