If you’re in the know, you’ll know that these reviews are posted not out of insecure obsession with reviews, but because reposting them is good for the hardworking people who wrote them. Visit their sites and read their stuff!

Things you can do if you loved a novel by Eugenio Negro and want to share it:
√ Request it added to your library’s collection
√ Give it some stars on Goodreads
√ Vote it onto a list on Goodreads such as anarchist, satire, 2010s
√ Buy a copy as a gift for a friend from Éxitos Gnosis

Reviews of Byebye and Shlort (2019): BBS GOODREADS QR

“The writing can be sharp and startling … an engrossing read.” —IndieReader

Reviews of Meat Ladder to Mars (2016) via Amazon, Goodreads, etc.:   MLM GOODREADS QR

“The writing is beautiful and organic, but not frivolous … The political statement in Meat Ladder to Mars is clear.” —Rebecca Markus

“…a satire directed at everything up to and including private space ventures, animal rights issues, employee relations, corporate management, the American attitude in foreign countries … The author is gifted in descriptive, detailed writing to the point where the story bogs down in unnecessary detail … ” —Clabe Polk

“I was very surprised to see how grounded it felt in a reality not so far from our own, in a future just days away … it was a story about people I didn’t like acting in ways I couldn’t get behind.” —Daren Stottrup

Reviews of Almira and the Backward Family (2013) via Amazon:

“Incredibly vivid … out of the ordinary.” –Megan Slayer, Long and Short Reviews

“…cold-as-steel narration…” —Medha Murti

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