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Latino Comic Expo was a Blast!

What a joy to have the Latino Comic Expo at home this time! On the second floor of the King Library (my second-home condo in downtown San Jo), I got a stack of zines from Nikolo, El Rocco, and Asertijo at the table of Chile’s hardest-core underground comic plebada, Mapache Studios. Respect to them for coming all the way up from Chile for a week in the bay area!
What else … I got Rhode Montijo’s Pablo’s Inferno #2 (he was out of #1), got to sit and talk with Alfonso and Jose of Libros Latinos (Jose met me at SF Zine Fest back in August and didn’t even tell me who he was) and I got LALO ALCARAZ’ AUTOGRAPH, PLEBES!!!
I had gone intending to get comics and hand my stuff out to the sympathetic, and Rishi from the Nosemilk was with me. When we get there, a comics guy next to Lalo Alcaraz’ table has no-showed, so Javier totally let us sit down and use the table! Next year I’ll definitely pay and do the show legitimately. Alcaraz took a copy of La Loteria Series 1 with him, and it’s possible that he didn’t hand it to the first kid he saw on the sidewalk on his way out. I feel like I’m stepping into a larger community.
I met a ton of people I didn’t know, got to encourage some SJSU students, shared some of Jules Riveras’ bottomless energy, and a great time was had by all. I want to see all yall at next year’s expo!

Visit these sites!
http://mapachestudios.org (not to be confused with the also-interesting mapachestudios.com)