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Roadbeers: Coronita

Found this guaife-proof Coronita, seven lousy ounces, once again tossed in the recycling in a pack of empties. Froze solid on top in the freezer. Approaching the mid-20s of how many road beers I’ve found since I started looking!


Roadbeers: Tall Can of Corona

Summer edition, as they say, of Corona. That’s right, it was in a recycling can. Maybe folks should buy beer they don’t want to throw away…? Anyhow, cleaned it good, poured it out, drank it.


2-Strats and Beer Not Bombs

2-Strats reports on his snacking only to get interrupted by Stretch with a report of not just his recycling but the recovery of a rare stray intact beer! Has this happened to you lately? Hit up a comment with your story! Personally I’m at 3 within twelve months. Can you top that??