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Saludos a 86 Países Hello to 86 Countries

Incredible that there are 86 countries in the world with people wasting as much time on the internet as to find my comics! Probably 60% of them are only one hit per country, mind you, but it’s still impressive to think about. Thanks for stopping by everyone! Share with your friends, love each other, and don’t tolerate nonsense in the private or the public!

Myself my goal for 2018 is to go back to 2008 internet usage, which is next to none. Hit me here or at negrocomics@gmail.com. Love you! Here’s one from FK Waechter:ImageHandler.ashx

Saludos a 40 países Hello to 40 Countries

But in all seriousness, I am impressed that people, if only one each, from 40 different countries looked at this website in the year 2016. Thanks for stopping by, everyone, and I hope the stories and comics were useful or at least entertaining for you! Maybe we’ll see each other again in 2017.

Pero con toda sinceridad, me impresiona mucho que gente, sea una persona de cada cual, de 40 países hayan visto a este sitio red en el año 2017. Gracias por la visita, plebes, ¡y espero las historias y tiras les hayan servido o al menos entretenido! Tal vez nos volvemos a ver en 2017.

Aber ganz ehrlich hat es mich sehr eingedrückt dass in 2017 Leute aus 40 Ländern, sei es ein Mensch aus jedem, diese Website angeguckt haben. Ich bedanke mich recht herzlich für den Besuch, Leute, und hoffe, dass die Stories und Comics euch nützlich oder zumindest unterhaltend erschienen sind! Vielleicht sehn wir uns nochmal in diesem neuen Jahr.


*Written from the mind by hand, not translated in any way!

New Years 2017 Resolution Time