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Women’s March San Jose 21.1.2017

Went to the Women’s March this morning, a response nationwide to Trump’s inauguration, and hoped to see a bunch of little 12 year old girls rule motherfuckers on their special day. But of course that kind of confidence and ownership takes time. This is your world, girls, do your thing! There were lots of teachers, lots of retired liberals, lots of babies and lots of pussy hats. Some generally bored-looking men, some obligated-looking men, some young girls scoping the whole thing out doubtlessly trying to figure out where they fit in.

Here’s the crowd at Shitty Hall, fourth and Santa Clara:


The whole thing remained pretty Hwite, I’m sorry to report, unless there was a section of people of color on the other side of the street that I never saw. The crowd was of such size and I was with a group of people of such size that once the thing got moving you were often stuck where you were.

Hwite liberals:


As far as I saw there was only one elderly man in a contrary position, up on the balcony of the Rotary building’s parking garage with a sign that said we were bullying Trump by marching. Can one bully, can one be bigoted against, those who have all the power?

Apropos bullying, my favorite sign is the one about the mango:


All in all the day was a success, because any day when car traffic is barred from downtown is a good day. The convocation at Plaza César Chávez devolved into a bit of a pissing match for local politicians en lieu of a better-organized guide to groups represented in the march to inform the interested. There was even a shameless appearance by Sam Liccardo himself, él de la mayor desvergüenza, hijo de puta y mamón de su propia verga, so I left before it ended. A good time was had by all and we practiced being squished together on the streets!

Downtown for life, FUKK WILLOW GLEN

So embarrassed that I drove to Willow Glen instead of getting a heavy backpack on and hauling my chores on bike. I got into that parking garage behind the Square, yknow, the new piece with the fountain, and needed to go upstairs. The garage place was crawling with pubescent security guards, so I detained my car at their little podium thing in order to inquire after space on the roof.


Kid says where am I going. I says “up!” He says no, where do I intend to shop. I says wow, they make you ask me that? He assented. I says the bike shop, pointing a hundred meters forward. He then recites this litany that he’d memorized about sorry sir, we don’t cover that store so you hafta pay $20 to park here, etc etc. So I parked down in the neighborhood and hauled my stuff in my hands like I should’ve in the first place. I parked on Blewett street, incidentally, as in Willow Glen Blewett with the the Town Square.

Clearly the yuppies of Willow Glen don’t comprehend what a square is, a traditional market where all the community gathers. When they use the word “square” and then practice dipshit greedy exclusion and predatory parking rules, they miss the meaning of the word completely. I guess they went to the fast food restaurant Bakers Square once and just thought it was a good title.

Shame on me for driving, but fuck Willow Glen business owners and the inbred horse they rode in on! First they want to abolish the road diet on Lincoln including the bike lanes, which is the only sensible thing ever happened in that district, cause it’ll slow down their precious business to their shitshops, walk-in realty nooks and fuckin hair salons, all stuff that only people with time or kids to walk go to. Now this. I said to the kid right on man, they’d better pay you well with that $20. He grunted negatively.

So I know if you read my comics and stuff you probably already don’t go to Willow Glen, but stop now. These inbred billionaire subhumans should be left alone to wither into extinction. Don’t give them your money! I even told the Mike’s Bikes guy (not my favorite bike shop) they gotta get out of this bullshit neighborhood. Boycott for life!

Guy Slams Victorian Hipsters

The author of this article is really funny. Here’s a quote:
“Neither of these two nitwits actually engages with the culture of the time. (Chrisman posted an article on fucking Vox, for Chrissakes; she’s not staying in and studying her phrenology textbook.) Almost all of Chrisman’s engagement with the past is through her experience with the “authentic” material goods and trappings of the period: She and her partner ride stupid old big-wheel bikes, wear stupid wool clothes (EVEN TO THE FUCKING GYM, GOD, FUCK YOU GABRIEL), read by the flame of a stupid oil lamp which I’m sure isn’t at all a fire hazard, and hand-hew table legs to think about modern disposable culture, or something.”

“A saint killing an angel”

Hard to believe a year has gone by already since a rich entrepreneur used his car to kill the nicest guy anyone (including this writer) ever knew in a certain town, and the entire justice system refused to deliver. All I have to say is that if I’d killed someone by accidentally swinging a chainsaw around even though I know how to operate it right, I’d be doing some serious time. I hope this ballad provides its own justice and drives all named below to self-destruction.

“A saint killing an angel”
Josh Alper was killed by an entrepreneur,
–Around here, a type holier than Haribhadra.
Trevor Smith forgot his job and didn’t arrest him,
The CEO drove off and finished his weekend.

The entrepreneur said he must have been sleeping,
And why not? The world’s been well handed to drivers,
While kids dreamed late of courting angel investors,
He killed a man who’d traveled on his own power.

What truth is so frightening that no one dare speak it,
Even to charge a killer who can afford to fight it?
This entrepreneur the market stimulated
Enough, Josh’s life to have devaluated.

His worshippers free Trevor Smith to free killers,
To feel bad for cruisers who rip apart families,
And take the best guy from the oughts and the nineties
From Scruz, where humanity shrivels more daily.

But guiltiest of all is Judge Stephen S Siegel,
Whose addiction to quiet clutched to silence his gavel,
And called this crude murder a tragic misstumble,
When one sainted by money kills the people’s angel.

Maybe he thought Santa Cruz needs words from the Bible
Rather than quote Josh’s thousand friends and buddies,
To hide the fact that he was gutless though able
To force Jain to feel the destruction he funded.

What has Jain felt for two hundred days locked up?
Never to suffer what he did to Josh’s people,
And when he gets home his stocks double or triple
Cause he can pay brokers to maintain the level.

Siegel, you abandoned your office and bar.
You let the police free the entrepreneur,
You let him look sorry, see himself out the door,
And never age without a son to rub sores.

Enjoying the cheerful silence of your town?
Where the young and the old suffer for your home value?
Where one never speaks ill of being successful,
And gives misdemeanors to the barely remorseful?

You’ll donate words meaningless and sentimental
Where privatized honor guts justice’s budget,
And no one respects the law so you just fudge it,
And sentence guys to death for riding bicycle.

Detroit Squatters Expose Squatting Landlords

You know how, if you don’t pay rent, your landlord will kick you out? Have you ever stopped to think how you’re paying your landlord’s rent for him or her while he or she does jack to pay for housing? So if you stop paying rent and the landlord’s already not paying rent, who kicks the landlord out?
Click the link to read the comic!

US culture: art can’t be appreciated and interpreted, but rape can

I’m pretty sure my next zine will be called Rape Culture Handbook. I can’t even express my contempt for the human species on this one so I’m calling out for contributors. Hit me up! Serious, satirical, I’ll read any kind of angle (black and white, please!) if it’s an earnest contribution. Try to keep it at 1,500 words???

The question: who benefits from rape culture, and how? What are some common, correctable behaviors that can end rather than hide permissiveness toward rape?

negrocomics@gmail.com. And with that, I’m going to take about a two-week break from looking at the internet. We’ll see if Europe has rape culture too, pendejos.