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2-Strats and the Boabab

At band practice, 2-Strats debuts his latest opus. Luke-Ass and Cornhouse aren’t going for it, and in his rage 2-Strats threatens to use force.


2-Strats and Cop Code D.I.S

2-Strats, Cornhouse and Luke-Ass not only get themselves shut down by the fuzz, but in the process get themselves dissed by the two smug cops as well. A disastrous house show all told. I will mail a poster to whomever can tell me in a comment what town this comic must take place in.


Native Americans Watching Interstellar

Here’s a perspective on Interstellar, the much-blogged new film. When I see a piece of speculative North American art, I can’t help but wonder what would be different (though I have some ideas already) if anyone bothered to ask Native Americans. Click the link to read the comic!