This page is usually up to date. In May, comics may (ha ha ha) go out for Free Comic Book Day. All of the people at these bookstores are very near to my rodent heart, so be sure to shop with them often and say to hell with Barnes and Noble. Read below for ordering to your address.

Meat Ladder to Mars – novel – $15

Bell’s Books, Palo Alto

Borderlands Books, San Francisco

Dog-Eared Books, San Francisco

Issues, Oakland CURRENTLY NOT SELLING 1/18

Pegasus Books (College), Oakland

Spectator, Oakland

Current ebooks at Amazon:

Meat Ladder to Mars

Almira and the Backward Family

The Turquoise Bowl

Current Zines: Los AltosLa Lotería series 1, Bocas, Imperio Esclavista/Slaver Empire – $3

You can order easily from Éxitos Gnosis:

1. Send a Paypal payment including $3 shipping to exitosgnosisexg@gmail.com, giving your address and saying exactly what you want in the description, i.e., “one copy Meat Ladder novel, one copy Slaver Empire zine to 265 Elm St…” and the total you’re paying. Otherwise they might not know what to do with the quantity of money and you know they take donations.
2. Shoot them a followup email if you’re in the bay area and would rather arrange a meetup.

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