US culture: art can’t be appreciated and interpreted, but rape can

I’m pretty sure my next zine will be called Rape Culture Handbook. I can’t even express my contempt for the human species on this one so I’m calling out for contributors. Hit me up! Serious, satirical, I’ll read any kind of angle (black and white, please!) if it’s an earnest contribution. Try to keep it at 1,500 words???

The question: who benefits from rape culture, and how? What are some common, correctable behaviors that can end rather than hide permissiveness toward rape? And with that, I’m going to take about a two-week break from looking at the internet. We’ll see if Europe has rape culture too, pendejos.

Interview and art showcase on Illustration Mundo with Trevor Grabill, Flat Mountain Press

Here’s an interview on Illustration Mundo with Trevor Grabill of Michigan.
Found this dude’s zine in a show at Gallery Anno Domini (in which we both had stuff). Wish I could say we had regular correspondence, but alas it isn’t so. His stuff is great! Make sure to also check out the excellent artists he names in the interview.

Wubbing, an excellent new dance

Alright, no one’s reading this blog so I guess it’s time to do some good news. There’s this new dance these young gentlemen are doing (somewhere in LA county) called Wubbing where you get a pollazo made of a rolled up T shirt or rubber or something, stick it in the front of your dancing shorts and dance with it bouncing all over while doing gymnastic tricks similar to those employed in breakdancing and so forth. You may have seen this video:

These youth are learning about the power of dance. But this dude, with many good points we can’t get into here, is not into it.

He doesn’t explain himself really clearly but I think he’s worried that the kids are playing at pollazos because they have to generate their own idea of masculinity.

I think wubbing is fantastic. Are the kids aware of the various manhood rites from human history that this technique resembles? They must, right? If not, I hope they figure it out.
Some say it’s a joke but I couldn’t find a source with any information. Maybe those dudes will find this site and tell me; in any rate it’d be just my luck that the first cool thing comes along forever is a joke. According to the video, of course the cops have already tried to shut it down because, you know, dancing while black. Viva la wub, pendejos.