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COVID19 Infection Data: Santa Clara County’s 20-Something Men

Here we are, quarantined (or rather not) in friggin August. And by the time I got the scanner working, September!
Hard not to connect the county’s painfully vague infection numbers with what we all know about humans.


I was gonna put VALLEY CHRISTIAN or LELAND across the neonazi’s chest but yknow, you all don’t need me to explain every last thing.

¿Por qué chucha todavía estamos en cuarentena? Un estudio crítico

Lástima pensar que los esfuerzos de marzo, abril y mayo para contener el coronavirus en el condado de Santa Clara, que requerieron dejar el trabajo, la familia y los espacios públicos, se desperdiciaron completamente a través de unas pocas semanas veranales de valeverga. ¿Pero quién tiene la culpa? Vamos a investigar.ENegroPorQueCuarentena7.20

¡Y esto es sólo un caso! Hace falta investigar más.
Lo único que sabemos es que nuestros niños no pueden volver a la escuela sin que la tasa de infección baje constantemente, y que cuando echamos desmadre aislados en la casa, los números no aumentan. Evidentemente la seguridad necesaria para ejercer el derecho de educar a nuestros niños es mucho pedir.

¡Y claro que este estudio abarca los güeros aterrorizados de los suburbios! Güeros liberales con su feminismo falsificado tienen su propio machismo.

*SINCRONICIDAD* Apenas iba a subir esta tira, ¡y rumbo a la casa después de una caminata encontré una botella de corona roadbeer! ¿Se recoge una Corona errada durante coronavirus? ¡Y yo sin la jodida rociadora de alcohol!
Translation for, as Burroughs said, you dumb SOBs don’t speak Spanish: Synchronicity! I was just about to put up this comic when coming back from a run I found a roadbeer Corona! To pick up a roadbeer Corona during coronavirus?? And me without that alcohol spray bottle!!

Drunk Fools by @toborobot and @brainvan

Been meaning for months to put this zine up. Believe it or not this Puta Cuarentena has me with less free time than ever. Picked up “Drunk Fools,” which is just on my level, from Issues back in the winter and loved it. Comics on drinking, getting naked, evacuation, local heroes and forgetting. A little short, though.

Photo on 5-25-20 at 1.51 PM

The choices of detail add to the ground-level, convenience-store, dead weeds and garbage that barely separate inner city from edge city and suburb in the canon of such classics as Tales of Blarg/Desperate Times.

The authors only identify themselves by first names Robert and Brian and their Instagram handles @toborobot and @brainvan. Buy all their stuff!

As an aside, Issues, long a supporter of Exitos Gnosis, is closed for good. Find your nearest billionaire international trade pact scumbag, smoker, bushmeat enthusiast, airport crawler, fast-food driver-inner, or human trafficker, and tell them “hey dipshit! Thanks for spreading the virus that killed the rest of the local economy!”

Stuff about biking

Just found this huge stash of notes hidden where I’d never find them: in my fartsmone’s “notes” app. I don’t remember writing them. Glad they didn’t get lost!

Period of the Prepper




Mercury Mourns Napa Winery Profits

As enormous swathes of smoke reached the south bay, this week the Mercury News published an outcry over Napa wineries’ profits getting burnt in this latest rash of catastrophic Northern Californian fires.


It took days before they mentioned the hundreds of working families and retirees who lost everything in places like Santa Rosa, and has not countenanced the plight of the unrecognized and undocumented workers who make the whole Napa economy move. Above is a digest of what is now a series of articles by Mary Orlin, George Avalos, Paul Rogers, et al.

Roadbeers: Coronita

Found this guaife-proof Coronita, seven lousy ounces, once again tossed in the recycling in a pack of empties. Froze solid on top in the freezer. Approaching the mid-20s of how many road beers I’ve found since I started looking!


Road Yuck: Angry Orchard

Another case –no actually, a single –of leaving a good bottle in the pack when you throw it out. In Santa Cruz I caught this Angry Orchard in the guy’s recycling bin. It’s brewed by Boston (Samuel Adams). I feel like I should do a lengthy, useless video like those cats do on youtube about beers that you’d never ever need to review…

Anyhow I drank the errant Angry Orchard for the first time, warm like I tend to do, and it was like drinking a soda at the same time as a gross cheap beer. Turn the label around and wouldn’t you know, it’s got almost as much sugar in it as a friggin soda. Yuck! Soda is bad for you, kids! Roadbeers are the meaning of life!


Let’s talk about the mouthfeel. Again, sugary, syrupy, not good. Like a lot of American beers, not really fizzy but like liquid sand, or granulated pellets of solid gasoline, like my friend and I were saying when we tried a Steel Reserve Hard Pineapple last weekend –as research for my next novel!

I never eat sweets so I’m pretty sure I can TASTE the high-fructose corn syrup in shit, particularly in Pabst, High Life, these kinds of gross beers, when I feel like increasing my vow of poverty or find myself at a show.